The Elmont Memorial Library and Our Patrons would like to Thank You and Your Band for your Dynamic and Energetic Program "Songs of America" on Sunday, September 25, 2016 .

Knowing how to energize your audience shows you are a True Professional. Your Band was Superb and one can see that comes from a Great Leader.Your versality with the different musical instruments and your lyrics had the audience in awe.

The Show was entertaining and educational. Great Show !! Highly Recommended !!! Looking forward to booking another Show.

Linda White -Program Coordinator







A year and a half ago my wife and I set out to plan the perfect wedding. There were a lot of pieces to set but the planning was largely smooth. "This is easy" we thought. Then the last month came about and it got crazy. It happens; it's a wedding. Anyone who thinks their planning will go easy is in for a rude awakening.

One thing we never had to worry about, however, was the music. It should had been the most difficult aspect of our wedding. She's Haitian, I'm Dominican, and we're both American raised. That's a lot of tastes and types of music that need to be catered. Jerome and the City Sounds were up for the task! They know a great deal of songs and genres to tend to every taste. Its not in their repoitaire? Not a problem. The band will also learn any song. And I do mean ANY. In ANY LANGUAGE! They have the strings, percussions, amd horns to cover any sound. They learned Vivir La Vida by Mark Anthony, just for our wedding, and it was spectacular. Most importantly, they're great entertainers. Only time people were on their seats was for dinner--brievely-- the rest of the time they were on the dance floor. We had a conga line going that snaked around and in between every table at the venue.

In the end, my wife and I had the perfect wedding. Not because everything went without hitch, but because the City Sounds had all 200 people at our wedding enthralled with their performance. A performance that demanded active participation from the audience. You cannot go wrong with Jerome.